Latest updates and improvements to APC 123.

Packing slip customization options

We have introduced two new settings to enhance packing slip customization. Merchants can now choose to show or hide any order notes left by customers at checkout, as well as the order's financial information.

Add / remove order tags

Merchants can now add / remove order tags directly from the orders table within the app either individually or in bulk.

Multiple location auto line item fulfillment

We have created a new setting to allow merchants with inventory split across multiple locations to automatically fulfill all line items of an order under the one shipment.

Disable location filter on orders table

We have introduced a new setting that allows merchants with multiple locations to disable the location filter on the orders table. This setting ensures that all orders are displayed for each location, regardless of the line item's associated location.

Cancel fulfillment from orders table

Merchants can now cancel fulfillments directly from the orders table within the app. This action marks the selected orders as unfulfilled, clears the tracking information, cancels the shipment, and increases the quota allowance, just as it would when canceling a shipment from the shipments table.