Latest updates and improvements to APC 123.

International shipments

The capability to create international shipments has been integrated into both the single and manual shipment creation processes.

Full end-to-end tracking functionality

Customers subscribed to the silver tier and above, leveraging automated order fulfillment, now benefit from fully integrated end-to-end tracking functionality. This enhancement introduces a new "Delivery Status" column to the orders table, enabling merchants to promptly ascertain the current delivery status of their orders.

Enhancement to orders table

The orders table now features three new dropdown menus for individual rows, offering additional order information:

  • Customers
  • Line Items
  • Delivery Destination

Default delivery instructions

New setting to allow users to set default delivery instructions which will take precedence over any synchronized order notes from Shopify for all future shipments.

Default goods description

New setting to allow users to set a default value for the goods description field that will be applied to all future shipments.