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How to Create a Shipment

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This comprehensive guide offers step-by-step instructions on creating shipments. Whether you're creating a shipment individually, in bulk, or manually, follow these clear steps to navigate the process effortlessly.

Single Shipment

To create a single shipment please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Orders" section in the app.
  • Identify the specific order for which you want to ship.
  • Click the + icon under the Single column for the corrosponding row.
  • Review the selected order and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Click the create shipment button to complete the process.
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Bulk Shipments

Here's how to create multiple shipments simultaneously:

  • Navigate to the "Orders" section in the app.
  • Identify the specific orders you want to ship.
  • Select multiple orders using the checkboxes or by clicking the order ID.
  • Upon selection, the create shipping labels dialog seamlessly emerges.
  • Click the create shipping labels button to open the bulk shipments window.
  • Review the selected orders and make any final adjustments.
  • Click the create shipments button to complete the process.
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Manual Shipment

Ideal for scenarios requiring manual data entry, such as orders received over the phone or in-store. This option provides flexibility for unique situations where manual entry is preferred.

Follow these steps to manually create a shipment:

  • Locate the 'Create manual shipment' button within the app.
  • Click on the button to initiate the manual entry process.
  • Fill in the necessary shipment details, such as recipient information, package specifications, and shipping method.
  • Click the 'Create Shipment' button to finalize.
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