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The settings page serves as the gateway to authenticate your APC account and customize the app to suit your specific needs. It offers the opportunity to personalize and configure the application according to your requirements.

Account Setup

APC account authentication is required to display services and perform actions such as creating, editing, and canceling shipments within the application. For further details, refer to the Account Setup documentation.

Collection Times

Take control of your logistics by defining your preferred collection time window, providing flexibility and convenience in managing shipments. Our platform allows you to establish and modify these collection windows, ensuring they align seamlessly with your operational schedule.

Whether you need specific time frames for pickups or prefer broader windows for added flexibility, our system empowers you to tailor these settings to your exact preferences. This flexibility extends beyond initial setup, offering the ease of adjustment even during the creation of shipments. This dynamic feature ensures that your shipping process remains adaptable to any changes in your schedule or business needs.

Default Shipment Details

Simplify your shipping process by utilizing the default shipment details feature. Set your preferred service as a default choice for automated selection during shipment creation. This time-saving functionality not only streamlines the process but also maintains consistency across your shipping operations.

Moreover, this setting remains adaptable, offering the flexibility to make adjustments even while creating shipments. This means you can fine-tune selections on the go, ensuring each shipment aligns precisely with your evolving preferences and requirements.

Printer Settings

APC 123 Print Manager is a direct label printing solution that accommodates a diverse array of hardware including Zebra, Honeywell, SATO, Epson, Citizen, Star, Dymo, and many others. The software establishes a direct link to your printer and functions seamlessly in the taskbar, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience.

For further details, please refer to the APC 123 Print Manager page.

Package Dimensions

This setting allows you to input default values for the length, width and height that will be automatically populated when creating shipments.

Packaging Weight

The packaging weight is added to the total order weight to calculate the overall weight of the shipment.

Intelligent Max Parcel Weight

Enable this option to allow the system to automatically create new line items if the total order weight + packaging weight is greater than the value specified in Kg.

For example a 50kg order with an intelligent max parcel weight of 20kg will create 3 line items. Two at 20kg and the third at 10kg.

Gold subscription plan required.


Establish a primary safe location preference that takes precedence over your APC account's default for all upcoming shipments. This feature ensures a consistent and preferred safe delivery spot for each shipment.

Additionally, this setting remains adjustable during the shipment creation process, providing the flexibility to modify the safe location based on specific shipment requirements. Whether it's a temporary change or a permanent adjustment, this functionality allows seamless customization, guaranteeing that your parcels are delivered to the preferred safe location for added convenience and security.

Please note that APC will consistently endeavor to deliver your parcel to the designated address and capture a photo as evidence of its delivery. The safeplace option will only be utilised if you have enabled the option to allow the item to be left securely in case no one is available to receive it. Should no selection be made, the settings defined at the account level will be applied automatically.

Tracking Number Format

APC provides two distinct tracking number formats, accommodating different preferences and needs. You can opt for a 22-digit consignment number or a shorter 7-digit version, both functioning identically in terms of tracking capabilities.

This flexibility allows you to choose the format that aligns best with your operational preferences or integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Tracking URL

Choose between the default or direct option for the automatically generated tracking URL. The Direct URL link includes the 22-digit APC tracking number and the customer's postcode, offering streamlined access to tracking information. This bypasses the need for customers to enter details on APC's main tracking page or complete CAPTCHA tests.

The default option directs to APC's parcel tracking page.

Order Notes

Sync shopify order notes with shipping delivery instructions. Enabled by default.

Delivery Instructions

Set your default delivery instructions, which will override any synchronized order notes from Shopify for all future shipments.

Enabling this option will auto populate the delivery instructions for all shipments.

Goods Value

Enabling this option will auto populate the goods value with the total Shopify order value.

Goods Description

Allows you to set a default goods description to be applied to all future shipments.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Enhance your order processing efficiency by enabling automatic order fulfillment coupled with fully integrated end-to-end tracking functionality. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual intervention, significantly reducing delays and errors often associated with manual data entry, therby simplifying your fulfillment process for a smoother and accelerated experience.

APC 123 Settings Page - Automatic Order Fulfillment

Once activated, you'll have the flexibility to choose from the following two options for marking orders as fulfilled after creating a shipment:

After APC collections packages (recommended)

This option temporarily places you order on hold until APC collects it, and it's marked as fulfilled afterward. Additionally, it updates the delivery status in the orders table to "Awaiting collection".

APC 123 Settings Page - Automatic Order Fulfillment - Order Placed on Hold

After you create the shipping label

Orders are automatically fulfilled and updated with the corresponding APC tracking number, with the delivery status also being updated to "Awaiting collection".

APC 123 Settings Page - Automatic Order Fulfillment - Order Automatically Fulfilled

Send Fulfillment Notification Email

The fulfillment email notification (dispatched by Shopify), makes use of the shipping confirmation template configured in your Shopify store. Once the order has been marked as fulfilled the APC tracking information is automatically incorporated into this template and sent to your customers on your behalf.

Silver subscription plan required.

Automatic Packing Slip Download

Enable the automatic packing slip download feature to streamline your shipping process. Once activated, this functionality ensures that packing slips are automatically downloaded in PDF format alongside the shipping label. By automating this process, you can efficiently organize and prepare necessary documentation, saving valuable time on manual operations. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of your shipping workflow, providing convenient access to essential paperwork while preparing orders for shipment.

Enhance the presentation of your printed documents by adding your company logo. Ensure a professional touch to your shipments with a branded logo that will be prominently displayed on printed documents. We suggest an aspect ratio of 3:1, equating to dimensions of 600 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height for optimal clarity and visual appeal. Incorporating your logo adds a personalized touch to your packing slips and invoices, bolstering your brand identity across the entire fulfillment process.

Email Preferences

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your shop by enabling daily email reports. These reports provide essential statistics that help you understand key metrics and track the progress of your business. Sent at 8:30am GMT with yesterdays total revenue and new orders for today (shop owner only).

Gold subscription plan required.

Time Zone & Units of Measurement

Used to calculate product prices, shipping weights, and order times.

Read only! To update please go to shopify - settings - store details.

Order ID

Shown on the order page, customer pages, and customer order notifications to identify an order.

Read only! To update please go to shopify - settings - store details.

Multiple Locations

Shipping from multiple locations? Enabling this feature allows you to configure unique settings and link separate APC credentials to each location independently all under the same subscription plan. Each shipment generated for individual locations contributes to your overall quota allowance.

For a smooth transition between locations when creating shipments, make use of the dropdown location selector positioned in the top right corner of the screen. Shipments for each location are intelligently isolated within the shipments table, offering a clear and organized overview of your shipping activities.

Our dashboard page provides comprehensive statistics for each location. With this feature enabled, you'll also gain access to an additional selection labeled "All Locations," offering combined data for all locations during the specified dates.

Gold subscription plan required.

eBay Integration

Expanding your sales to eBay? APC 123 has you covered, our platform simplifies this process by importing your eBay orders into a dedicated table separate from your Shopify orders. This clear distinction ensures organized and efficient management of your eBay sales, enabling a more tailored approach to handling and fulfilling these orders.

For more information check out our instructional video on how to connect your eBay account in the Guides / Tutorials section.

Gold subscription plan required.
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