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APC 123 incorporates built-in tracking functionality, enabling you to conveniently monitor the status of a shipment using either your Shopify order ID or the provided tracking number.


The tracking page is designed to provide you with real-time updates, giving you the ability to easily monitor the progress and location of your shipments. This tailored solution, crafted specifically for merchants, offers a private and secure environment for tracking and overseeing shipments.

Quickly locate your shipments by entering either the Shopify order ID, shipment reference, or the APC tracking number. Our versatile search functionality ensures you can access the information you need with ease.

Progress Bar

The dynamic progress bar serves as a robust tool, delivering a clear and visually engaging representation of your shipment's journey. As your package traverses the APC network, the progress bar dynamically updates, to showcase key milestones and stages with precision. Whether your shipment is in the sorting phase, transit, or out for delivery delivery, each step is visually represented, providing you with a comprehensive overview at a glance.

Scan History

The Scan History section not only provides a comprehensive view of your shipment's journey through the APC network but also offers an added layer of visibility by allowing you to see who signed for the delivery. The screenshot below illustrates a detailed overview of the scanning events that occur at various checkpoints along the way.

This detailed view includes information about key milestones such as sorting, transit, and delivery scans. Each scan event represents a significant step in the shipment process, allowing you to track and understand its movement within the APC network.

By leveraging the Scan History section, you gain valuable insights into the logistics and transit of your shipments, enhancing your ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information to your customers. This transparency contributes to a smoother shipping experience and ensures your customers stay informed about the status of their orders from dispatch to delivery.

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