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The shipments page provides an overview of all your created shipments. This interactive interface empowers users with the ability to seamlessly view, edit, cancel, and re-print labels, all from a centralized table.

User Interface

The user interface has been designed to be consistent with the orders page, this approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a user-friendly experience. Each row is interactive, allowing effortless access to detailed information via a convenient pop-out window with a simple click of a button.

Edit / Update Shipment

Users have the capability to make adjustments to recently created shipments, whether it involves modifying the collection date, selecting a different service, or making a simple address change. This flexibility is seamlessly facilitated by clicking on the interactive row, providing a user-friendly interface for swift and easy modifications.

Please note that you are only able to update unmanifested shipments.

Reprint Label

This option is an extremelly useful feature for instances where you find the need to promptly reprint the shipping label for any reason.

Cancel Shipment

The purpose of the 'Cancel Shipment' button is as straightforward as its name suggests, it cancels a shipment. This feature provides users with a straightforward and immediate way to halt the processing of a shipment in case of any changes or unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a quick and hassle-free cancellation process.

Bulk Actions

Users can select multiple shipments simultaneously using the checkboxes at the beginning of each row. Upon selection, the bulk actions dialog seamlessly emerges, granting you the ability to:

  • Reprint labels
  • Cancel shipments
  • Delete shipments

Shipment Status Tabs

The shipments table features three status tabs - 'All', 'Active', and 'Cancelled'. These tabs operate as filters, enabling quick access and management of shipments according to their current status. The 'All' tab presents a comprehensive list of all shipments, 'Active' specifically showcases only active shipments that have already been created, and the 'Cancelled' tab conveniently consolidates orders that have been successfully cancelled.

Each tab displays a total shipment count, simplifying navigation and facilitating efficient management based on their respective statuses. These functionalities offer a streamlined approach to handling shipments within the app, providing clarity and ease in overseeing and organizing your fulfillment process.

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