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APC Account Setup

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Learn how to authenticate your existing APC account to unlock APC 123's full functionality. Follow these steps to get your account connected for a smooth setup.

APC Overnight account required! If you don't have an APC Overnight account, you can request one by contacting your local depot.

Account Connection

APC 123 Account Setup

Multiple Shopify Location Support

Do you have multiple shipping locations? Our integrated support for multiple locations allows you to link your APC account details to your chosen Shopify location. For more details on this feature, explore the Settings Page documentation.

APC 123 Account Setup Multiple Location Support

Account Authenticated

Once your account has been authenticated you will see the following screen:

APC 123 Account Setup Authenticated

APC Available Services

As part of the account authentication process APC 123 retrieves and integrates the shipment type and service names from the enabled services within your account. This functionality guarantees instant access to any specialized services enabled at the account level.

For any new services added in the future, kindly use the 'update services' refresh button, depicted in the screenshot below, to re-synchronize your account.

APC Available Services
Please note that the account authentication process typically takes around 5-10 seconds, with the duration varying based on the number of services activated within your account.
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